Thursday, October 23, 2008

新生児の癒し  2008年10月



My friend gave birth to a girl recently. She had a serious illness and was moved to another hospital right after she was born. She didn't get better even after a month and her family and I were very worried.
I was praying by myself for the baby to get well. But she didn't seem to get well. I felt powerless. And then I remembered Healing Room ministry. I went there on Saturday and asked them to pray for her healing.
The doctor said it would take at least one more month to get well but after Healing Room team prayed for her, she got better and the doctor said she could get out of the hospital in a week.
I felt the power in the prayers of many. When I saw the baby after .the hospital discharge, I felt I was seeing God. When I saw her face looking at her mom, I said, "Thank You, God." Her healing showed me that nothing for impossible to God.
I told the Healing Room staff about her healing and thanked them. I am very encouraged by their prayers. Thank you.